Welcome to hollydays



My fiance says I am “good at the internet”.  It’s my happy place, my primary hobby.  This sometimes feels sad to me, because it comes off as if I just sit on Facebook all day watching cat videos.  (Don’t get me wrong, my timeline is filled with animal videos and whatever things my sister found funny that day). In reality, what draws me to the internet, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this feeling, is the array of knowledge that is just waiting to be explored.  


Coming from a childhood in a small midwestern town, full of white people and Christianity that is somehow both invasive and ignored, I wanted nothing more than to “get out”.  My parents knew from a young age that I wanted to live in a city, specifically New York City.  I told them I wanted to live in a big place where things happened at a faster speed.  I dubbed our little town “Prairie Town”, in that brash way that a teenager insults everything they have ever experienced.


The problem I encountered while searching for the right college to attend is that I did truly love my family.  I wanted to be far far away from the culture I grew up in, but I wanted to visit my parents easily.  This led me to a state school that was an hour and 45 minutes from home.  Far enough away from home, in a big enough city, that no one would know me.  Still close enough that I could visit home easily in a weekend.  


I won’t go into all the details right now about the wonder and pitfalls that is college.  I’m sure those stories will present themselves throughout this blog.  Right now, I am living in what I suppose is a small/medium sized city with my fiance and our tiny fur baby, Lilly.  If you have any questions in particular that you would like answered, I would love to delve into them.  For now, I will write about whatever comes to my mind, be it life in a city, veganism, social politics, or my adorable rescue dog.  


Stay tuned!